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AutoTecknic Carbon Alcantara E-Brake Handle - BMW F-Chassis



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  • Brand: AutoTecknic
  • Product Code: AT.BM-0162-GCF
  • Availability: In Stock

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Full replacement Carbon Alcantara E-Brake Handle adds to the interior of your BMW F-Chassis 1-Series, 2-Series, 3-Series, and 4-Series with its exquisite presentation while standing out from the rest of the interior trim. Whether you have carbon fiber or brushed aluminum interior trim, this Carbon Alcantara E-Brake Handle is the perfect complement to the rest of the interior pieces.

Precisely made with ABS material and skillfully wrapped by professional craftsman with 3K twill weave carbon fiber and top-grade Alcantara. Our Carbon Alcantara E-Brake Handle is designed and made for a superior solid-grip feel.

Technical Specs

  • F22 2-Series Coupe
  • F23 2-Series Convertible
  • F30 3-Series Sedan
  • F31 3-Series Sports Wagon
  • F34 3-Series Gran Turismo
  • F32 4-Series Coupe
  • F33 4-Series Convertible
  • F36 4-Series Gran Coupe
  • F87 M2 Coupe
  • F80 M3 Sedan
  • F82 M4 Coupe
  • F83 M4 Convertible
  • E84 X1 SAV

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