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AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Battle Version Shift Paddles - F87 M2 | F80 M3 | F82/ F83 M4 | F10 M5 LCI | F06/ F12/ F13 M6 | F85 X5M | F86 X6M



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The AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Battle Version Shift Paddles are our latest product; the paddles are made from 100% dry carbon fiber composite material and fused with aluminum connectors. By utilizing this production method, we were able to significantly lower the weight of these carbon fiber paddles. Through the revision of the Version 2 paddles, the final product comes out to be significantly lighter; (approximately 90 grams for the version 1, but only 35 grams for version 2 respectively) which equates to about 40% in weight reduction and providing a true race-inspired feel in the cockpit.

As purists ourselves, we understand the goals of all car enthusiasts—to go as fast as possible while maintaining safety and a comfortable position in the pilot’s seat at the same time. When it comes to piloting a vehicle, the driver is at optimum control when they become one with the car. In order to bring that concept to reality, we developed these extended paddle shifters.

During this meticulous development process, we wanted to craft a set of paddles which would maximize the communication between the driver, steering wheel, and of course, the M dual-clutch transmission. To achieve this ideal, our paddles are designed to be 40% bigger compared to OEM ones. On top of that, the shape of the paddles is perfectly matched to the exact contours of the steering wheel, to provide optimal feedback for perfect shifts every time!

It is a perfect item for street & track use and the dynamic surface design enhances the overall aesthetic look of the interior. Shift better and faster with AutoTecknic!

Note: The AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Battle Version Shift Paddles will also fit 2014-Up Non-M F-Chassis vehicles with Sport & M-Sport steering wheels

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