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AutoTecknic Carbon I-Drive Touch Controller Cover - BMW F-Chassis & G-Chassis 2014-Up



  • Brand: AutoTecknic
  • Product Code: AT.BM-0005
  • Availability: In Stock

Dress up your interior with the AutoTecknic Carbon i-Drive Touch Controller Cover for the BMW F-Chassis and G-Chassis vehicles. No matter what interior trim finish you have, this Carbon I-Drive Touch Controller Cover is the perfect complement to the rest of the interior pieces and improves the overall aesthetics of the cockpit.

Made with 3K Twill Weave (2X2)  Carbon Fiber and finished off with a UV protected gel coat, which is designed and made for a superior solid-grip feel.

Disclaimer: Please note that with this item installed, you will no longer be able to use your touchpad on your i-Drive Controller Wheel.

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