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Autotecknic BMW Carbon Fiber Gear Selector Cover Sport Automatic Transmission Equipped Only (P/N: BM-0197)



  • Brand: Autotecknic
  • Product Code: AT.BM-0197
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BMW Carbon Fiber Gear Selector Cover Sport Automatic Transmission Equipped Only

MODEL : BM-0197
BMW vehicles with sport automatic transmission
F01  F01N  F02  F02N 
740i Sedan 740i Sedan 740Li Sedan 740Li Sedan
750i Sedan 750i Sedan 750Li Sedan 740LiX Sedan
750iX Sedan 750iX Sedan 750LiX Sedan 750Li Sedan
ALPINA B7 Sedan ALPINA B7 Sedan 760Li Sedan 750LiX Sedan
ALPINA B7X Sedan ALPINA B7X Sedan ALPINA B7L Sedan 760Li Sedan
    ALPINA B7LX Sedan ALPINA B7L Sedan
F04  F06    ALPINA B7LX Sedan
Hybrid 7 Sedan 640i Gran Coupé F07  Hybrid 7L Sedan
Hybrid 7L Sedan 640iX Gran Coupé 535i Gran Turismo  
  650i Gran Coupé 535iX Gran Turismo F07N 
F10  650iX Gran Coupé 550i Gran Turismo 535i Gran Turismo
528i Sedan   550iX Gran Turismo 535iX Gran Turismo
528iX Sedan F10N    550i Gran Turismo
535i Sedan 528i Sedan F12  550iX Gran Turismo
535iX Sedan 528iX Sedan 640i Convertible  
550i Sedan 535d Sedan 640iX Convertible F13 
550iX Sedan 535dX Sedan 650i Convertible 640i Coupe
Hybrid 5 Sedan 535i Sedan 650iX Convertible 640iX Coupe
  535iX Sedan   650i Coupe
F30  550i Sedan F25  650iX Coupe
320i Sedan 550iX Sedan X3 28iX SUV  
320iX Sedan Hybrid 5 Sedan X3 35iX SUV F34 
328d Sedan     328i Gran Turismo
328dX Sedan F31  F32 328iX Gran Turismo
328i Sedan 328dX Touring 428i Coupe 335iX Gran Turismo
328iX Sedan 328i Touring 428iX Coupe  
335i Sedan 328iX Touring 435i Coupe  
335iX Sedan   435iX Coupe  
Hybrid 3 Sedan      

The wait is finally over, here's what we've been working on:
The carbon fiber gear selector switch cover; it's for BMW vehicles with sport automatic transmission.
Made with durable ABS material and skillfully wrapped in real 3K twill weave carbon fiber.

This is a full replacement gear selector switch cover, so removing the OEM gear selector switch cover is required prior to installation.

Colors Available: Carbon Fiber

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